Friday, December 10, 2010

Mobile Home Prices

Mobile home prices for new or used mobile homes vary quite a lot based on where you live and the dealer competition there. Generally speaking, if you are located in a larger city with a number of mobile home dealerships the competitive climate will hold prices down. In small cities and towns where there are fewer mobile home dealerships prices will tend to be higher. It is wise to go online to get prices from several dealers near you for the type and size of home you are looking for. Be sure to inform them that you are contacting a number of dealerships, and that you are looking for the best deal. This will generally ensure that you get a fair price quote, and you will usually get follow up emails and/or phone calls from salesmen to get your business.

The quotes will naturally be on a variety of makes and models, and you will need to compare them all to get the best match for the features you want in your new mobile home.The dealers will have floor plans of the various homes which you can study to determine which of them best meets your needs. You can also look at the features of each mobile home and what options are available for each.

The next step is to visit the dealerships to inspect the homes which seem best suited to your list of requirements. The dealer will give you price quotes on the models you are interested in. Let him know that you are not buying right away but are shopping for the best deal. This will ensure that you get a competitive quote, and when you have narrowed the field down to one or two models it is time for hard negotiation with the dealer for the best price you can get.

Just as in purchasing a car everything is negotiable. The final price, interest rates for financing, the down payment, the options to be included and so on. Nothing is set in stone and not negotiable. Don't make a fast decision, and make as many visits or calls to the dealership as it takes to get a price which you are satisified with.
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